Czech Streets 57

15-06-2012, 14:16
Czech Streets 57
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Inspired by my colleague Tomy, who managed to find and fuck a beautiful blonde on a train, I decided to go and try my luck in the same waters. The concentration of beautiful women on Prague's main station is staggering! I just waited, looking for the best girl available. I saw Martina walk by and she was the one I knew I had to try out. She was 19 and just arrived to Prague, so I deployed the venerable "internet project survey" trick and invited her to have coffee with me. Soon after, I offered her sex for money, but she immediately defended herself by saying she has a feeling I'm from Czech Streets. Oh yes, gentlemen, this girl knew about our little project, and she knew what to do with it. She's the first to ever look through it all and it caught me a little off guard, but I managed to improvise and save the situation by offering her a whopping 70 thousand Korunas. So I gave her the money and we did it in the bushes in front of the train station, including a beautiful wet orgasm. I fucked another girl from Vsetin! That city is a pussy goldmine! See for yourselves!
Czech Streets 57



by: Teletek

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